More than a heritage, a multipurpose space in Brussels

We are in the heart of the city, in the spectacular Bourse Brussels, the renovated Stock Exchange building.

Imagine an immense public space full of life, open to all and free to access. In that same place, you can find the greatest interactive center about beer in the world: the Belgian Beer World. Much more than a museum, it's a brand new experience. A shop filled with delicious beers will be waiting for you at the end of your visit in which you will also find fun souvenirs from this extraordinary place. And if you are still thirsty for historical information, you just have to walk down to the cellar of the building to discover Bruxella 1238: an archeological site that holds some of the secrets of old Brussels. 

You will also be able to find welcoming places to grab a bite or have a drink, in our restaurant and bar. Imagine meeting your friends, colleagues, or clients and enjoying the different attractions offered by the Bourse. You could settle down in the co-working space or finish up your day at the Beerlab with its unique views over the heart of the city. 

You don’t have to imagine such a place anymore, it already exists… We present to you the new design of the Bourse Brussels. 

A place where you can take part in the different local activities that will be on offer, a place to work or relax, depending on your mood.